The Meanest Mom

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The Meanest Mom

When my daughter was in Kindergarten, I overheard her tell her friend that she had the meanest mom ever.  This was a downer for me because I thought I was the coolest mom around.  When her friend asked her why her mother was so mean, my sweet little girl said, “Because she makes me wear my coat, and brush my teeth!”  I am such a tyrant.


I have to have the meanest mom that I have ever seen.

She makes me wash my face and hands, although I think they’re clean.

She makes me wear my heavy coat and bundle up my head.

She makes me go to bed at night after my prayers are said.

She gives me awful things to eat like vegetables and meats.

She tells me to brush my teeth three times!

And says, “Forget the sweets!”

She will not let me play outside when I am feeling ill.

She’s close beside my bed at night and helps me take a pill.

She says because she loves me so, she tells me what to do.

I guess I do the things she says because I love her too!